Monday, June 22, 2009

Glue Glider Pro the answer to Adhesive that truly sticks!

Wow! Have you had a chance to try out GlueArts new Glue Glider Pro? Our design team LOVES this product. The refill cartridges pop in and out, so there is NO mess in changing tapes. The tapes last longer than other dispensers. And it is much lighter to use than the Glue Glider Max. It also holds better than any other glue tape we have EVER used. It even holds on the extra thick mulberry we use for our embellishments!!!!

There are 4 types of adhesvie refills: perma, high tac, repositionable, and perma squares. The perma is the strongest of the four.

A2z Scrapbooking Supplies has unbelivable prices on them and right now is offering free shipping on them!

A Glue Glider gun is on sale for $11.25 and free shipping. MSPR $14.99

10 refills of your choice is $60. 60 and free shipping. MSPR $89.90

Single refills are $7.50, MSPR $8.99

We are having a hard time keeping these in stock. They are so popular and the price is hard to beat! So hurry in while they are still available. www.

I need to stock up on a few myself for my personal pages!


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