Sunday, July 12, 2009

I-TOP, We Have it in Stock!

Wow! The new Imaginisce I-TOP is already my favorite tool. You can make your own brads! The i-top transforms an ordinary brad into a custom accent in an easy 2 step process. Just place your paper and blank brads and give a little squeeze. It's that easy! You just can't top it! The i-top tool comes equipped to make 16mm and 22mm brads, but purchase the large carriage for the ability to make 28mm brads.
We have it in our store on SALE for $23.99 and we have it in stock! The wait is finally over. The line includes blank brads small, medium, and large. It includes 3 sizes of punches so that you can punch the paper for the brad out or you can use the easy to use templates. The I-TOP also has it's own cute tote. It's on sale for $17.99. Wow Imaginisce has out done themselves!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Glue Glider Pro the answer to Adhesive that truly sticks!

Wow! Have you had a chance to try out GlueArts new Glue Glider Pro? Our design team LOVES this product. The refill cartridges pop in and out, so there is NO mess in changing tapes. The tapes last longer than other dispensers. And it is much lighter to use than the Glue Glider Max. It also holds better than any other glue tape we have EVER used. It even holds on the extra thick mulberry we use for our embellishments!!!!

There are 4 types of adhesvie refills: perma, high tac, repositionable, and perma squares. The perma is the strongest of the four.

A2z Scrapbooking Supplies has unbelivable prices on them and right now is offering free shipping on them!

A Glue Glider gun is on sale for $11.25 and free shipping. MSPR $14.99

10 refills of your choice is $60. 60 and free shipping. MSPR $89.90

Single refills are $7.50, MSPR $8.99

We are having a hard time keeping these in stock. They are so popular and the price is hard to beat! So hurry in while they are still available. www.

I need to stock up on a few myself for my personal pages!


Friday, June 19, 2009

We have a new online Scrapbooking Store, A2z Scrapbooking Supplies!

Wow, a lot has happened over the last few months, and unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat. However, here's to my new goal of trying to check in every few days!

Exquisite Creations by Elizabeth has grown so much over the last year, we've taken a leap of faith and started a full line scrapbooking store, A2Z Scrapbooking Supplies.

There's currently over 900 products listed in the store, and every day new product is being added. The store will be raising funds for three charities, a local domestic violence employment program, and funding research for Celiac Disease and Behcet's Disease. Tina is the owner of the company and her 7 year old son has Celiac Disease. And I have Behcets and I am a domestic violence survivor. So needless to say these three causes are near and dear to our hearts.

You can follow Tina's experiences with her son and Celiac Disease at
Tina is an HR person and Sourcer and regularly posts positions she is trying to fill, so if you are looking for work, check it out. She also regularly posts items that are for sale in our store.

Speaking of which we have great deals on Copic Markers in the store. A set of 12 Basic Copic Sketch Markers is on sale for an unbelievable $58.41. MSPR: $77

If you are unfamiliar with the Copic Markers they are a refillable marker that are awesome for coloring in stamps. Rarely do they go on sale, so this is a wonderful deal. We also have the Copic Marker Stamping Sets on presale at a considerable discount. We will ship within 24 hours of receiving them from our supplier.

When you stop by the store, please be sure to sign our guestbook, so that you will receive our specials, notice of drawings, and coupons by email. We do not sell our contact lists to anyone.

Have a wonderful day!