Saturday, December 6, 2008

And So it Begins

So many people have told me I should write a book about my life experiences. I have laughed and told them it would be filed under fiction, because no one would believe anyone could live such a soap opera life. But yet here I am blogging and not sure where to begin.

I am a domestic violence SURVIVOR!!! It has been a journey that has taken so many twists and turns and it is not over yet. While my abuser is no longer physically hurting me, the emotional and financial games he continues to play with the children and myself are just as damaging. His being more than $10,000 behind in child support is only a small part of the pain he continues to inflict upon our family. I will never go back, but I can certainly understand why women do.

I am from the upper middle class, but as a result of the divorce my income is barely above the poverty line. When the marriage came to an end , we had just moved into our brand new 3,600 square foot dream home. Our bedroom had a sitting area that was large enough for my scrapbooking. I was in heaven! Now my scrapbook studio is actually my closet! LOL

I had begun scrapbooking the year before as a result of having a heart attack at the age of 40. The heart attack itself was the beginning of a painful and confusing medical journey, that has had so many twists and turns that there are times I am amazed I have maintained my sanity. I started scrapbooking because I wanted to make sure my children knew my story and how much I loved them. It has also turned out to be very therapeutic!

It is my intent for this blog to give a glimpse into my daily life as I have learned the skills to become a survivor of domestic violence, living with the incurable rare disease of Behchets, being a single of Mom of a disabled child and a gifted child, and how scrapbooking has made a difference in my life.

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